Why cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular with men

cosmetic surgery for men

The world today is very health-conscious, and we tend to notice that anti-aging treatments and other aesthetic treatments it mostly for women. The fact that men get cosmetic surgery is often ignored. The fact men want to look and feel good about themselves seems to see an increase with the plastic surgery field.

Doctors and surgeons have stopped looking at cosmetic surgery as the same for both women and men. Surgeons have developed treatments in accordance with the individual’s goals. Most men who visit plastic surgeries are wanting either a non-invasive or surgical procedure that can be changed for the masculine role to restore their youthfulness and features through the use of enhancement.
The American Society for plastic surgery state that cosmetic surgery for men has grown by 325% within the last 20 years or so. In the year 2017, we saw 120,000 men have cosmetic surgery whereas around 300,000 underwent non-surgical options. The most popular cosmetic surgery for men is liposuction and eye lifts.

There are several surgical procedures for men including:



Neck Lift

Male breast reduction




Reasons cosmetic surgery is growing within men

Competition within the workplace

Some of us work in a field we don’t like but stay to pay the bills. We are seeing more men in the workplace undergoing surgical procedures to freshen their appearance to keep up with the younger men within the job culture. Sometimes men are happy with just a few Botox treatments while others go all the way and undergo neck lifts and liposuction.

Less time needed for fitness

Nowadays the rule of working overtime for extra money was a choice, but often now it is considered a standard within the workplace. Long hours are expected, and with adding family life and socialising with friends to the mix, it can be hard to find the time to attend gyms and fitness groups. If you aren’t exercising or eating correctly, you can end up with a doughy look that can be hard to shift. Liposuction is common amount men who work long hours and fin the demands of their job, and home life leaves them no time to keep a fitness routine. Around 25% for surgeries among men is liposuction. This doesn’t cause much downtime, and the results can be very satisfying without being obvious.

Social media

Social media plays a huge role in how we see ourselves these days. Everyone always seems to have a camera in their hand, so we can assume that from people wanting to turn one moment into something significant to post on social media, where we want to look our best.

Some people can suffer low, self-esteem and confidence and the statistics seem to be growing among men. Men want the goal of looking younger and fresh but still, want to keep the masculinity look which is why cosmetic surgery among men is growing as with the technology advancing they are gaining more and more ways to enhance your looks without taking away your masculinity.

When choosing a plastic surgeon, the best advice one can give someone considering the decision to undergo the knife is to think about it first without rushing into anything. Find a surgeon who has a lot of experience working on the male gender.

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