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physiotherapy and athletes

Professional athletes need to have access to physio before training, during and afterwards. An athlete needs physiotherapy to prevent injuries, have full range motions and have the strength and power required by the particular sport and to help lower your recovery time.

It doesn’t matter what level of athleticism you are on; you still need to see a physiotherapist regularly to help maintain your health and prevent damage to your body. The physiotherapist’s job is to evaluate the situation, restore it, and they continue to keep the mobility and functions of the body part. Most athletes will admit to going beyond their limits. Exhaustion can take a significant toll on your physical health, and after time your body can suffer wear and tear from sports injuries.

A physio doctor will offer injury management, acute care and rehabilitation with personal education about the injury and aftercare. Seeing a physiotherapist is the best option when playing sports so they can give you the treatment for the type of sport you play. Every injury will have a different treatment plan which will ensure the athlete can get back to his sport as soon as possible.

Most common injuries that physiotherapist sees all too often is shin splints, anterior knee pain and Achilles tendonitis. Regular physiotherapy will maximise your potential for the best success at sport. Many treatments that physiotherapy offers is movement control, rehabilitation and mobilisations. Playing sport puts a lot of pressure on your joints and muscles and with regular visits to the physio will ensure you are at your peak to compete. You don’t need to be actively playing sport to benefit from treatments through physiotherapy. If you took a break and now need to get back into shape or perhaps you are changing sports so your training will be full on, you need to get your body ready. Physiotherapy will assist you in reaching your goals.

Here are common benefits of physiotherapy:

Enhancing your strength

Athletes use their physical power most of the time when they are working. If you are playing a hard sport like boxing or football, your body needs to be able to take blows. By seeing a physiotherapist, you will gain body toughness, and your bones, ligaments and muscles are strengthened in different ways to handle the stress of the sport.

Body relaxation

After a long workout, athletes are tired and drained and need to get back their bodies energy. Physiotherapy can help you to unwind and help the body relax.

Preventing injuries

Physiotherapists will study your strengths and weaknesses and your joint flexion. They will take their findings and design a routine for you that can enhance all of your physical aspects. These sessions undertaken regularly will lower your chance of straining muscles, tearing ligaments and suffering from cramps.

Improves your muscle and joint flexibility

Athletes need a lot of flexibility to play sports and succeed. Sports, like swimming and running, depend on the body to win. Each game has its degree of flexibility which is why physiotherapist will do a theory session with your first to understand your sport and your goals.

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