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dangers of spending time in the sun

Summer is nearly here. We all love playing outside in the sun or enjoy the beach waters while summer is full of fun and laughter but can also be dangerous at the same time.

If you undergo the sun’s rays for too long, it can lead to health problems such as premature ageing and skin cancers. While in the sun, you need to protect your skin to avoid the dangers that come with it.

Avoiding not only the sun:

We all want to look great for summer, and most of us love the attractive look of looking all tanned. Tanning in the sun is terrible for your skin. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the sun for one hour or three each time you step out into the sun unprotected you are damaging your skin. When you tan, that is your bodies defence responding to the sun damage on your skin.

Using sunscreen:

This is common sense. If you are going out in the sun wear sunscreen. Sunscreen prevents skin damage, basal cell and moles and wrinkles. Sunscreen is safe to use daily, and you can get some that are more organic if you prefer natural materials. Sunscreens are best if they have active ingredients that work against UVA damage such as Tinosorb, Zinx oxide AND ecampsule. If you have sensitive skin or other skin problems, seek advice from a dermatologist on which sunscreen is best suited for your skin.

Knowing what SPF means:

If you are using a sunscreen that has a high SPF number is will give you more extended protection from the sun. If your sunscreen contains SPF 30, this means you can stay in the sun for around 30 mins more than you usually would to get your skin burnt. You still need to take precautions as sunscreen doesn’t protect you 100%.

Wearing a hat:

Wearing a wide-brimmed hat will protect your face, head ears and the back of your neck. You want a wide-brimmed hat that can cover all the way around your head and made with a material like a canvas to protect from the extent of the UV damage. Be aware straw hats do not protect you entirely as they have many holes between the straw that sun can get through. A cap is one of the easiest ways to cover your skin from the sun. Small and easy to carry chuck a few in the car and one in your bag to ensure you are protected when you need it.

Clothing that protects:

When you are out in the sun wearing long-sleeved tops, and long pants can help to prevent UV rays from causing any damage to your skin. There is a variety of safe sun clothing that is made from breathable material to help your skin breath during the warm season. Along with hats, this is an easy way to protect your skin.

You don’t have to worry about staying inside during the warmer months. Get out and enjoy the sunshine and time spent on the beach with friends. By following a few straightforward precautions, you can still enjoy the summer times while taking care of your skin at the same time.

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