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When it comes to Christmas, you don’t want to be caught out shopping at the last moment.

The sooner you get started, the better the results and the less stress in the whole process. That’s even more important this year, with supply chains and delivery hampered by delays and staff shortages.

There is a way to make things easy for yourself and take the worry out of the equation.

Planning ahead always makes sense and it all starts with what you need to buy and for whom. Try following these handy tips for your Christmas shopping to help make the process as easy and smooth running as possible.

  1. Make a Christmas shopping list of who you want to buy for
  2. Note down a few suggestions for each person
  3. Make a budget of what you want to spend and try to stick to it
  4. Draw up a plan of where you need to go for your gifts (include online shopping sites too)
  5. Set yourself enough time to get what you’re looking for
  6. Buy a backup gift or two for anyone you may unintentionally forget

Then the key factor is simply to enjoy the shopping experience. It need not be a chore, a hassle or a headache. Remember that the gifts you buy are a symbol of the respect and regard you hold for someone. 

This can prevent you from going overboard with some people and plan something special for those special to you. This applies to any business clients or partners you have too.

honey contacts

The corporate world and the gift of giving

When it comes to giving corporate gifts, Australia has progressed in leaps and bounds.

Gone are the days of sending just a cheap Christmas card or a box of supermarket chocolates as a token of appreciation. 

These days, Australian businesses are happy to procure a variety of more personalised gifts, such as custom-made hampers or an array of individual presents to cover each member of a particular team.

Within an organisation, there are the issues of finding appropriate gifts that showcase the esteem for staff and anything as informal as a traditional Kris Kringle gift which usually is an anonymous sender.

It is wise to get those gifts organised and ready well before the given date, even in these different scenarios. It is important to remember that schedules quickly become overloaded at the end of a calendar year and need to be flexible. It is not uncommon for get-togethers to be pushed forward to accommodate holidays, staff absences and other factors. 

That is why it makes sense to be as prepared as possible at the earliest opportunity, or you may risk being left with gift-giving that is rushed or incomplete.

Making use of branded and promotional material

Not all gifts need to be bought or necessarily costly endeavours.

It often makes sense to utilise promotional material that offers a branding exercise to keep your business top of mind.

These gifts can be anything from branded clothing and apparel, calendars and notebooks, even confectionery or specific products like eco-friendly promotional items

With useable and recognisable gifts, you have the means to show that you value someone as a customer or appreciate working with them using a promotional edge to remind them who you are.

Thinking outside the box for gifts

Not all Christmas gift shopping needs to be of a practical slant.

Sometimes it is a good idea to think of something that has a novelty value and shows a different side to your brand’s personality.


That can be something as left-field as choosing some of the quality colored contact lenses Australia is falling for.

These are simple gifts that are easy to use and can make for a great Christmas gift for the fun of the Yuletide Season. By choosing quality contacts such as coloured contact lenses UK made and EU certified, you can be safe in the knowledge that the fun will be safe to enjoy.

For a pair that is a little more ‘out there’, you can choose from a range of Halloween and Cosplay contact lenses. These are the more inventive and interesting variety of coloured contacts.

You can find anything from white contact lenses to vampire and zombie lenses, even blind contacts and Sclera lenses that cover most or all of your eye. It’s a freaky way to add some excitement and entertainment to a Christmas party.

You can really make the most of any fancy-dress occasion with a pair of the right coloured contact lenses working for you. They certainly work wonders as a gift idea that’s both inventive and inexpensive.

Ending the year on a high note

Whatever you do when it comes to your Christmas shopping, remember to think about what your gifts say about you.

An impulsive purchase can be more than disappointing; it can actually be construed as close to insulting.

That’s true of a personal relationship but sometimes more crucial when the gift comes on behalf of a company or organisation.

What will your Christmas shopping say about you to business partners, customers and your own staff?

Before you even think about making a series of purchases, make sure you have made some sort of list.

Viewing it all on paper or across a spreadsheet will allow you to see who you have dealt with, what will be the best approach as a gift giving exercise and to help you organise everything in advance.

It even allows you to schedule when to buy your gifts and when to send them out so as you ensure that everyone on your Christmas list gets a thoughtful token of your appreciation in a timely manner.

The last thing you need to do is to be dealing with the stress of the so called ‘silly season’ and some pre-planning and clear thinking go a long way towards making the gift-giving season a stress-free success.

There’s no better way to end the year than to have your brand or name remembered for all the right reasons at Christmas and put you in the best possible light for a bright New Year.

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