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You can still have a hell of a great Halloween

Halloween is all about having fun and enjoying the chance to dress up Big Time!

It’s the time of going all out with a costume and we all know what the secret ingredient is… Halloween contact lenses. (In case you’ve been living under a rock).

Halloween is a great chance to set your party animal free. There are a few No-No’s to avoid and the biggest one is that voice inside your head that says there’s no way you can have a killer Halloween because of Covid. 

Oh yeah? That just sounds like a challenge and challenge accepted!

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of Halloween despite Covid-19 and any lockdown.

Halloween and spreading the scarily good times

With all the Covid-19 stuff going on, it’s easy to feel like the fun factor has been missing too long to bring back.

That’s exactly why Halloween is the perfect time to turn things around. Spoiler alert – With any Halloween costume, you will need a pair of great coloured contact lenses to really make it work. More on that later.

First things first. 

Just because a face to face party is probably still a No-No, it’s doesn’t mean you need to give up the ghost. Here come some ideas to help you and your friends and family fire up for some fantastic fun that’s almost frightening. (Actually, it should be a little scary. It’s Halloween after all).

Try a few of these suggestions to make Halloween a safe and sensational time:

  • Before & After Halloween Outfits – this is where you take a photo of your good self BEFORE you have put on your Halloween outfit and then a follow-up shot from the exact same angle AFTER you’re all dressed up.

A handy tip is to cheat a bit (just a bit) and use the trick of all those Before & After shots by making sure you look really plain, straight faced, bored and then ham it up when you’re in your Halloween costume. 

Remember to go with special effects make up and don’t forget the special ingredient – Halloween contacts!

  • Halloween Shorts – no, not short pants! Who thinks that would be a good idea? Although, some short, shorts are pretty scary. NO! We’re talking about short videos where you film yourself in your Halloween outfit doing something scary or just plain silly. 

Halloween is all about having fun, so you can go as camp, vamp or crazy as you like. Everyone in the group sends their Halloween vids to the rest of the group and you can have a laugh and maybe put up a prize to win! It’s great to share some creativity and share a laugh.

  • Halloween Fails – this is not where you poke fun at yourselves, but each guest on your Halloween online party has to bring three photos of hilariously hideous Halloween costume fails to share.

There is almost no end to the worst of the worst, but try not to go for the most obvious and if the fail is your own, then even better. It’s all about showing what the Halloween costume, specially cut pumpkin (Jack o-lantern) or even Halloween cake was supposed to be and then the laughable end result of the attempt. 

It’s not about being nasty or vicious, it’s more about being human and how things can go wrong but then having the ability to see the funny side of it.

  • Halloween Decorating – this might sound a bit lame, but you can spread the Halloween good cheer and the fun of the spookiness of it all even in Covid-19 restrictions by decorating your place.

Put some fun and freaky things up on your walls or hanging from the ceiling. If you are someone who thinks outside the box, then take it outside too. Your letterbox, the front fence or gate, even a tree in the front yard is a great place to put up some Halloween decorations. It could even be a fold out cardboard sign the opens to the word ‘Boo!’.  Passers-by can have a laugh and might be inspired to join in the neighbourhood fun.

  • Halloween Gifts – there’s a great way to spread some joy during Covid and that’s by sending someone a Halloween gift. 

It could be making a batch of Halloween themed biscuits or cookies and dropping them off at a neighbour’s place or even leaving them outside your house (and out of the sunshine) with a sign saying ‘Please Take One!’. You can send a Halloween card or even a pair of Halloween coloured contacts to a friend or a family member. 

Then you have a great reason to share something over an online chat, text message or phone call. 

The thing about making a difference and having fun with Halloween during Covid-19 is that the little things can make a big difference to you and your loved ones.

Get some serious fun from Halloween lenses

When it comes to making the most of Halloween, nearly everything goes one level better when you dress up. The one element that makes any outfit or costume a whole lot better is Halloween contact lenses.

Even if you’re spending Halloween alone and on an online chat, dressing up and putting in the special pair of Halloween lenses will make you look like you’ve had a visit from a professional make-up artist. 

Just remember to get your Halloween contacts from a trusted supplier of quality lenses.

Take one or even a few of the Halloween suggestions above and get some ideas from friends about how you can make the most of Halloween this year.

It’s a funny thing, but there’s no reason why you can’t do Halloween again before it comes around next year. Who said Halloween can only be once a year? Dressing up is too much fun to just leave as a one-off occasion.  

The next time you’re talking to your friends, throw it out there as an idea. You might be surprised how quickly the idea catches on!

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